Hippo and Rhino


"I really have to look for my sun glasses.
I bought them from the Sunglass Hut website.
They were expensive, and besides, my
computer imploded. I can't get any thing new
until my Visa is paid off, which is never.
I could always go to Macys, but that is thousands
of miles away. I can't walk there. If I fly, they'll make
me pay whenever I need to use the bathroom which is
all the time. Besides, I never seem to get the aisle seat
and you know what that means for the zebra sitting next
to me..... Unless I can get a lift on Airforce 1... Nah! unlikely.

I suppose I could take a boat, but I'm afraid the captain will
spend the long voyage thinking things over and decide
to sell me to the zoo. It almost happened to Curious George.
Or...a circus which is unthinkable. I'm an African hippo
and I'd have to deal with the designer clad elephants
from India. Ugh!

Hmmmm, I'll just keep looking!"


The hippopotamus ,or hippo, is called KIBOKO

This picture was taken in the KAZINGA CHANNEL
in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda




" My doctor said that a walk in the pool is the best exercise."

"Ya know what?, my doctor said the same thing."

" Maybe we have the same doctor!"


These hippos were in the Nile.



"Humph! The nerve! I pick a spot, they follow and
crowd me . How rude! "



"Do you know where you are going?"
"Are you sure?"
"Are you really sure you're sure?"



"Ok, so I ate all the cookies. So call the police!
Have me arrested ! But for
goodness sakes, stop yelling! "



"Stop fidgeting with that camera and take the picture.
I have a horn appointment at 2."


This is a picture of a Rhinoceros,or Rhino. The Swahili word
for Rhinoceros is KIBOKO.

This picture was taken in the Ngorongoro Crater in
Tanzania. This crater was once an active volcanoe.
The gray/blue in the background is not the sky.
It is the side of the crater.



"What a peculiar smell. Something is down there!
Hmmm... I wonder.... Could this be where
that pirate Bug Toe buried his treasure ?"


This is another type of rhinoceros, photographed in
Amboseli National Park. This is the dry season.
Can you tell?



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