Story #10



One cold January day, an inviation came to the WillyNilly Palace from SillyDilly Land.
It was from King Toothpick and Queen LapTop.

                                                        A ROYAL INVITATION

 You are invited to the birthday party for Pince Hop-A-Lot.
He will be 107
................- 100 years old.|

The party will be on Saturday, December 23, at 10 AM.
 It will be on the Silly Dilly Eating train.

Please follow these instructions exactly:
l. Come to the palace.
2. Come on time.

From King Toothpick and Queen LapTop


Prince Kay, Princess Fay and Prince Jay were excited.
”What do you think the Eating Train is?” Princess Fay wondered out loud.

“Well, it might be a train where you eat,” said Princess Kay.
 “But knowing SillyDilly Land, it also might be a train where you starve!”

Prince Jay laughed and added another question.
“I just wonder where the train goes?

“”Well, said Princess Fay, “it certainly must go somewhere.”
“Unless is goes nowhere,” replied Prince Jay, “which in SillyDilly Land is always possible.  But it should be fun whether we go somewhere or nowhere.”


It was really hot in SillyDilly Land when the children arrived. “In fact, “ said Princess Peek-a-Boo,”  we have never had a hotter winter than this one.”  And then she disappeared.

“Expect her to Peek-a-Boo any second now,” whispered Princess Kay to her sister. And
that was exactly what the SillyDilly princess did—once again, singing her name.

Prince Hop-A- Lot, the higher than ever hopping birthday boy came out to welcome his guests by saying “goodbye. I’m so glad you have come.” 

Mr. Pin Cushion, his pet porcupine was excited too. His quills looked very sharp and shiny.

Other children arrived at the palace including Naa Princess from Backdown land.

King Toothpick told everyone that they would hold hands and walk to the Eating Train.

“The Eating Train is very nearby, so we can walk slowly,” the King said. “But we must hurry, because we don’t want to waste any time getting there.”

Naa Princess, you can go to the front of the line,” the King continued. Since you walk backwards, you can look at everyone as you pull them along.

“WillI, OK,” she said backwards, always willing to help out.



“All Aboard the Eating train,” shouted a train man with his mouth full of food. “Get ready for a lot of fun and food.”

Once all the children were seated on the Eating Train the birthday party began.

The train started moving and it wasn’t long before the children realized that the train went on a very small track in a small circle. It took about one minute for the train to come back to where it started. Round and round it went.

“I guess we are going nowhere,” Prince Jay whispered to Princess Fay.
”That’s not actually true,” Princess Fay said. “You see, everywhere is somewhere.”

“Not in SillyDilly Land,” Prince Jay whispered back.  They do have places that are

All of a sudden, a loud bell rang out.


Five men and three women dressed up like penguins came out carrying trays with many plates. One plate was put in front of each child, but Prince Hop-A-long had ten plates. That is in case he breaks one when hopping.

Then six men and four women dressed up like kangaroos jumped in carrying some food. It was Mud pie. Princess Fay wondered if it were made of real mud.

“Well, we’ll soon find out, “ said Prince Jay.

But Prince Jay was wrong.

Some of the mud pie was put on the children’s plates. Immediately, 10 men and five women dressed up like Butterflies  grabbed the plates away from the children, food and all.

King Toothpick said, "don't worry; there are more treats to come. And to save time, the plates will come to you with food already on them.”

Then six men and three women dressed up like zebras galloped in carrying plates of Cucumber cake topped with watermelon seeds. Yum,Yum!
But the butterflies followed them and took back the plates as soon as the zebras handed them out.

Prince Jay asked Princess Peek-A-Boo whether they were going to get to eat anything at all.

“Wait and See,” the Silly Dilly Princess told him with a big smile.

Several more plates of food were brought in and taken away.

“I’m sort of getting hungry, “ said Princess Fay after the 10th place was of food was handed out and taken away.

“When do we get to eat, Princess Peek-A-Boo?
“Oh Princess Peek-A-Boo, where are you.”

“Peek a Boo,” she shouted as she jumped out from under a chair.

But if you want to know the answer to your question, ask Prince Hoppy.

And here is what Prince Hop-A-Lot sang to them.:

You may not eat until you sing,
A happy birthday song.
You’ll fill your bellies, just you wait,
It won’t take very long.”

So let us sing, a birthday song.
To me who hops a lot.
And then we’ll bring out presents,
Just to see how much I got.

CHAPTER 4 Happy Birthday Hoppy

Queen Laptop announced that it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the Prince.  “But” she said, “ Prince Hop A Lot requested that you sing him the song in  snowman language.

The King gave each child a piece of paper which had the words to the Happy Birthday Song,  snowman style.


Moppa mingle toe wee.
Moppa  mingle toe wee.
Moppa mingle toe Hoppy
Moppa mingle toe wee.


After singing the song , more people dressed up like kangaroos and zebras came in with food. And this time, the Butterflies seem to have flown away.

The children ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate as the SillyDilly Eating Train went round and round and round and round.

Prince Hop –A- Lot opened his presents.

He loved all his presents but these were his favorites:

l. A package of Glue Sticks
2. A toy toothbrush
3. One cushion that fit inside one of his shoes
...... (He said, "at least one of my feet will not hurt by the end of the day!")
4. A portrait of Old King Cole

After that, there were more eating treats on the eating train.

When it was time for the children to go home, each of them got a goody bag. In the bag was a small bottle of Tripto Dismal, a SillyDilly medicine that cures….. what was it, belly aches ? Yes, that's right!

The next morning the WillyNilly children sent a servant to sing a thank you song to their
SillyDilly friends:

We want to thank you very much;
We had such “yummy” fun.
We got a little dizzy on the choo choo’s circle run.

And though we all got belly aches because the food was sweet.
The party, all in all, was great,  a lovely birthday treat.

  From Prince Jay, Princess Kay, Princess Fay