Story # 9


One cold February morning, a letter came to the Willy Nilly Palace from Princess Peek-A-Boo

Dear Princess Fay, Princess Kay and Prince Jay,

Next Satruday starts the harvest time in SillyDilly Land.
The farmers have to begin picking the plants.
Each year we have a big farm fair.

Please come and have  fun with me and Prince Hop-A-Lot
at the farmfFair. I also asked Naa Princess from Backdown Land.

From Princess Peek-A-Boo

P.S. We will all be wearing our work boxes.
   Please wear your work clothing too.





On Saturday morning, Princess Fay  and Princess Kay put on their work gowns.
Prince Jay put on his work clothing too.
They  went to Silly Dilly Land.
“I am sure it will be nice and hot in Silly Dilly Land,” Prince Jay said.

On the way they met Naa Princess.
She was walking to the Palace, backwards.

“Don’t forget,” Princess Kay whispered to her sister.
“Naa Princess speaks and does things backwards, and that seems
strange to us.”

“I know,” interrupted Prince Jay.
“But it’s not strange to her, or the people who live in Back-down Land.
They don’t think they do things backwards.
We do things backwards to them!”

“How true!” said his sisters together.

“You meet to glad so am I,” said Naa Princess, backwards, as she faced away from the children. "Is fair farm this where sure not am I."

Prince Jay told Naa Princess that they were happy to follow her and tell her
which way to go.

When they came to the palace Prince Hop-A-Lot was waiting for them. Mr. Pin Cushion, his pet porcupine, was in his big pocket. Princess Peek-A-Boo was hiding again but she jumped out saying her name within a minute.

Prince Hop-a-Lot was very excited. "We have to hurry."

“Where are we going, exactly,” asked Princess Kay.

“We are going to  the Farm Fair on Friendly Farmer Foley Fit’s fantastic  Farm,” replied Princess Peek-A-Boo after she jumped out from behind a chair shouting her name.
It is not far from here. That is where the Farm Fair is,”

The children met many people on the way to Friendly Farmer   Foley Fit’s Farm Fair.

When they arrived at the farm,  they were given some farming tools.
Princess Peek-A-Boo was given a needle and thread.
Prince-Hop-A- Lot was given a toothbrush.
Princess Kay and Princess Fay were given  a hair dryer.
Prince Jay was  given a  bottle.
Naa Princess was given a hammer.

"Now we can start picking plants," said Prince Hop -A-Lot.


“Put Hoppy,” Princess Peek-A-Boo told her brother. “First we have to see the animals.
There are animal contests and that is the most fun to see.”

The children went to a big barn.
The first contest they saw was the Pig Contest.
All the pigs were dressed up in their very best boxes.
The pig who was wearing the prettiest box would win the prize.

“What is the prize?” asked Prince Jay.
“And when is it given out. Princess Peek-a-Boo , do you know?" But Princess Peek-a-Boo
wasn't there.
Suddenly, she jumped out from behind a big stone shouting her name.

“The first prize  for the prettiest  pig is a  one week visit to Faliddle land,” answered Princess Peek-A-Boo .
That is  another kingdom where all the animals rule the people.
“The pig gets to be King for the whole week.”


The second prize  is  one week in Faliddle land,” she went on.
The pig gets to be King for the whole week.
And the third prize is a one week stay in the Faliddle land, where the
pig gets to be king for the whole time.”

All the animal  prizes are awarded when the weather gets cold.”

“That would be summer,”  said Prince Jay.

“Right,”  said Princess Peek-A-Boo
“Fanny Filter’s pig, Fancy, won first prize in  last year’s contest, with  Frank Fish’s pig Fussy  coming in second, and his other pig, Befuddle coming in third.

“Gee,” mumbled Prince Jay.
“That sounds  so great.
I wish I were a pig!”

Then they went to the cow contest.
In this contest, the cow that lays the fewest eggs in ten minutes wins the first prize.

“In Willy Nilly Land , cows do not lay eggs at all,” said Princess Kay.

“Cows don’t usually lay eggs here either,” said Princess Peek-A-Boo .
“So I expect that there will be a lot of winners.”
“Can you guess what  the  prize is?”

“One week in Faliddle land where the cow gets to be king the whole time,” laughed the Willy Nilly children.

Naa Princess laughed the same thing, backwards.

“Is there a second and third prize for cows,” asked Princess Fay.

" I really don't think so," Prince Hop-A-Lot said but I'll find out.

He went up to a cow who understood snowman language and asked...

"Munch ingle de toefoo la crinkcle a beet? "

The cow looked at Prince Hop-A-Lot and replied,

"Messa minga coolie some, where heepa poola mind.
Wista moo moo inda cook, wah seepa creep find."

The WillyNilly children and Naa princess wondered what the cow had said, and asked
Prince Hop-A-Lot.

"The cow said 'no,' " he replied.


Then the  children went to the last of the  animal contests.
This was for  seals.
In this contest, the seal that could flap its flippers for  the longest time
 without making noise, wins.

“You know,” Princess Fay  said, “ if a seal flaps its flippers under water  it wouldn’t make noise.

Then Princess Peek-A-Boo started to laugh.
“So that’s why Slubby Seal was racing to Farmer Foley Fit’s house.  He
probably wanted to flap his flippers in Farmer Foley Fit’s bathtub  and win the prize.”

“I suppose the first prize is one week in Faliddle land where the winner gets to be king for the whole week,” said Prince Jay.

“ That is correct,” said Princess Peek-A-Boo
“There are ten other prizes for the seals too.”
“Guess what the other prizes are!”

 Then Princess Fay asked a very important question.
“Do the animal prize winners go to Faliddle land one after the other and take turns?”

“Certainly not,” replied Princess Peek-A-Boo . “They all go at the same time.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair, would it?”


“!Fun what wow,”  said Naa Princess.


Then the children went to eat lunch at Friendly Farmer Foley Fit’s Farm Fair Food  Festival  Factory.  The food was so good.

What foods do you think would  be served at a SillyDilly Farm Fair Food Festival?

Here  are some hints:  l) You can eat all of it .  2) No more hints.




“Now it is time to get to work picking the plants,” said Princess Peek-A-Boo .
Do you all have your farm tools?

“Yes, yes,” the  WillyNilly children said at once.

“Yes, yes, “ said Naa princess backwards.

“Dunk , dunk, “ said Prince Hop-A-Lot, still speaking snowman language.


“Okay, let’s go to the carrot field,” they all shouted.

Princess Peek-A-Boo said that Naa Princess should start.

Naa Princess put her hands behind her back and  hit the carrots into the ground with the hammer.
Then  Prince Hop-A-Lot used his toothbrush to dig the carrots out.
Prince Jay squeezed the carrots into the bottle.

Then they went to the corn field.
It had rained early in the morning and the ground was muddy.
Princess Fay and Princess Kay dried the ground with their hair drier.
Then Princess Peek-A-Boo picked the corn kernels  off the cob, one by one, with her needle and thread.

“I never knew that being a farmer  is so much work,” shouted Princess Fay.
“But it is also lots of fun.”

“Yes, I think I will be a farmer when I grow up,” agreed Prince Jay.

Soon it was time to go home.


“Work that all after tired am I,” yawned Naa Princess.

“Me too,” yawned Prince Jay.
“Me three , ,” yawned Princess Peek-a-Boo, when she jumped out from
behind a haystack shouting her name.

“Me four ,” yawned Princess Kay.
Princess Fay didn’t say anything.
She was fast asleep.




The next day, Princess Peek-A-Boo got a singing letter from Willy Nilly Land.
A servant sang the message to Princess Princess Peek-A-Boo and her brother.

Here is how the song went...



We thank you, Princess Peek-A-Boo
For asking us to come.
To Farmer Foley’s Farming Fair,
The food was really ‘yum.’

We thank you so much Hop-a-lot
Your porcupine as well.
We had the greatest time,
And now have lotsof tales to tell.

The Farm Fair was fun you see,
It's always fun for you and me.
I'm sure that you can all agree,
We're just as happy as could be

We loved the contest to decide,
Which critter was  the best.
We worked so hard at picking plants,
That now we need to rest.

Yawn!!     zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

from Princess Fay, Princess Kay and Prince Jay