Story #8


CHAPTER 1: An Invitation

"Hold on to your crowns," Prince Jay said to his sisters. "You will be
surprised at our next adventure."

He read the newest letter from SillyDilly Land.

Dear Prince Jay, Princess Kay and Princess Fay,

My brother,Prince-Hop-A-Lot and I were invited to stay with Uncle Twindle, Aunt Twoodle, and cousin Twiddle for three days. They live in Gosh and Golly Ghost town and they told us we can bring some friends. We are
leaving from SillyDilly Land next Saturday. Naa
Princess from Backdown Land is invited too. Bring your coats.

From Princess Peek-A-Boo

P.S. All the people in Gosh and Golly are ghosts and you can't see them. They are invisible ghosts.

"I guess we will need our coats because it is a cold summer in Gosh and
Golly , just the way it is in SillyDilly Land," Princess Kay said.

"I can't wait to go and meet people we can't see, " added Princess Fay.


Chapter 2: The Floating Coats

When all the children arrived in Gosh and Golly Ghost Town they found out that the weather changes from cold to hot and hot to cold every five minutes. So sometimes people have to wear their coats outside and sometimes they have to carry their coats.


There were many coats walking down the streets.

There were many coats everywhere outside.

Prince Hop-A-Lot was hopping up and down as he reminded the others that there were people in the coats.
"Or , the people we can't see are carrying their coats. It's a ghost town, remember!"

"Them hear you can, talk they if and, talk they do? asked Naa Princess who always spoke backwards. What she asked was, "Do they talk, and if they talk, can you hear them?


"I sure don't know, " said Princess Peek-A-Boo . "Well, Naa Princess, perhaps you should ask someone something and see what happens."


So Naa Princess went up to a coat with some bumps and asked, "Today you are how? Hello."

All the children could hear was "moo oooooo."

So Princess Fay went to a striped coat. "Hello, Have you lived in Gosh and Golly long?"

The person who looked like nobody in a stripedcoat said, "Quack Quack."

Then Princess Peek-A-Boo went up to a polka dot coat and said her name.

The person who looked like nobody in a polka dot coat said "Neigh, neigh."

"Oh dear, " mumbled Princess Peek-A-Boo. "I wonder whether people talk like animals."

"Maybe there are animals wearing coats!" said Prince Jay.

"I guess we should ask Uncle Twindle," said Prince Hop-A-Lot smiling.
"I wonder whether he isn't all there too, and if his house is haunted!"


"Of course he is there, and your aunt and cousin too," Prince Jay reminded him and the others. "Everyone is there. They are ghosts. That is why we can't see them. So it only looks like they are not there."


Chapter 3: At Uncle Twindle's House


In front of Uncle Twindle's house was a small coat. The children guessed that it must be cousin Twiddle.

"Hello cousin Twiddle. Were you waiting for us?" Princess Peek-A-Boo was smiling at the small coat.

"Daddles.! Wahana de supper mot, clop silicap troop. Gosh and Golly detickle," came a friendly voice from the coat.

"Oh, we forgot to tell you, " Princess Peek-A-Boo told the others. "Cousin Twiddle speaks in snowman language. As you know, Hoppy and I understand snowman language. Cousin Twiddle said, ' Hello, Welcome to the Twindle-Twoodle-Twiddle haunted house.' And welcome to Gosh and Golly Ghost town.' "

The children went inside the house and met Uncle Twindle and Aunt Twoodle, though it was hard to know where they were because they didn't have their coats with them.

Aunt Twoodle spoke a language everyone could understand.

"Oh do come in, would you like some tea?"

"That would be very nice,thank you," Princess Peek-A-Boo said politely.

"I wonder wehther the tea and cups are invisible too," Princess Fay whispered to Princess Kay. "I never tasted tea that I couldn't see, did you?"

Princess Fay nodded as they sat down at the table. Not only were the tea cups and tea pot and cakes and cookies there, but the children could actually see them.

Princess Peek-A-Boo had an important question to ask her uncle.
"Uncle Twindle, how do you know if other ghosts are there if they can not be seen.?"

Uncle Twindle's voice was soft and clear. " Because even though we do not see them we have a feeling when they are there. And if we are outside, we see the coats, of course."

Then Princess Kay chimed in. "Uncle Twindle, when Naa Princess asked a question to a bumpy coat, we heard a 'moo oo'. And when Princess Fay asked a question we heard 'quack.' "

"Oh , that is because we have animal ghosts in Gosh and Golly. They wear coats outside too. They answered you in the only way they could.
People are polite in Gosh and Golly, and so are the animals. We mind our manners."

The children played many games with cousin Twiddle. They played hide and seek outside, and cousin Twiddle always won. Guess why!!!But that didn't matter, because they all had fun.

Princess Peek-A-Boo liked the game a lot but didn't play it right. She kept jumping out of her hiding place calling her name before anyone looked for her. But that didn't matter either, because they all had fun.

Before the children went to sleep that night they asked Aunt Twoodle if there were other ghosts in the house and if they do strange things at night.

"There are five other ghosts living here and sometimes they do things at night. But not tonight. We are too polite to scare our guests."


"Well, we would like strange things to happen at night," Princess Fay said, and the others agreed.

"Whatever suits your fancy can be arranged," Aunt Twoodle replied. "Cousin Twiddle will share a room with all of you. He doesn't need much space."


Chapter 4: Ghosts at Night

At 10:00 P.M. the door to the room suddenly opened. The children could hear ringing sounds. And then they saw an envelope float into the room. There was a loud roar like the engine of an airplane. It went around the room and went out again.

Prince Jay laughed. "Perhaps that is air mail in Gosh and Golly!"

Cousin Twiddle opened the letter and read it to the children.

"Pink corner-pus purr purr lacot, we push pully ping."

Prince Hoppy told the others what it said. " Welcome to our house. We
hope you have fun tonight."

A little later a knight's armor marched into the room with a coat on his arm. He was clinking and clanking and banging about. Prince Hop-A-Lot hopped up to look inside the face mask. He heard "oink,oink."

"Perhaps that one is a pig," Prince Hop-A-Lot laughed.

Prince Jay looked puzzled. "But how can a pig fit into knights armor?"

Cousin Twiddle explained. " Lippy klop tonocka fiddle pooh pah tank.
pa too too la moo moo la fracoo coo kakink. "

The WillyNilly children and Naa Princess wondered what Cousin Twiddle said. Princess Peek-A-Boo was hiding under the bed, so Prince Hop-a-Lot

"Cousin Twiddle said that pigs are invisible and invisible things never have a hard time fitting in,"

Finally, a drum floated into the room followed by some horns. The drum was banging and the horns were blowing. All of a sudden, no one who was someone you couldn't see sang a song in a language all of the children could understand:

"We welcome you to Gosh and Golly,
Folks are ghosts and oh so jolly,
Playing games is so much fun,
With kisses round for everyone."


We're here, but we're not,
There are tricks that we've got.
We'll play with you, it's oh so true,
We're friendly, a lot.

And then all the children felt a smoochy kiss on the tops of their heads.

Smush, Smush, Smush, Squish, Squash Smoo moo.

Chapter 5: Goodbye, We'll Come Back and Not See you Soon.

The next morning the children told Uncle Twindle and Aunt Twoodle about the fun they had with the friendly ghosts at night.

"We are so glad you enjoyed not seeing them," Aunt Twoodle said smiling. "In Gosh and Golly, we always want to please.

In a few days it was time to leave Gosh and Golly Ghost Town. The children had a wonderful time. They sang a song together as they went home.


You always have to be polite,
No matter where you are.
It's real important that you be,
A caring manners star.

So think about what others need,
A saying very true.

Politeness given out might then,
Be soon returned to you.