WillySilly Series , story # 4


Chapter 1: The Invitation

   One day, a letter came to SillyDilly Land from WillyNilly Land. Princess Peek-A-Boo read it when she was hiding under a table.

  Dear Princess Peek-A-Boo and  Prince Hop-A-Lot,

  Naa Princess of Back-Down Land is having a birthday party. She is 7 years old.  We are all invited to her 6 year old party.

Last year, Naa Princess  had her 5 year old birthday party when she was 6.  We went and it was a lot of fun.

The party will be held  last Sunday at 3 o’clock. There will be another party this Sunday for  the children who did not know about the first party.

Please come to WillyNilly Land so we can all go together .Bring gifts.

From Princess Kay, Princess Fay and Prince Jay.

P.S.  They do everything backwards in Back-Down-Land so don’t be surprised.


   Early Sunday  morning, Princess Peek-A-Boo and Prince Hop-a-Lot came to the WillyNilly Palace. They saw that the two WillyNilly princesses had their dresses on backwards. Prince Jay had his clothing on backwards too.

Prince Jay told  Princess Peek-A-Boo and her brother that they would have to  put their boxes on backwards too if they wanted to fit in at the party.

“That’s so strange, “  Prince Hop-a-Lot said as he hopped up and down with his pet porcupine, Mr. Pin Cushion sitting in his pocket.

“Oh Hoppy,” Princess Peek-A-Boo scolded him.  “You have to understand that some people do things differently, and it might seem strange to you.  But it is not strange to them.”

Then Princess Kay added, “And it is always important to be kind to other people, and be understanding of their ways.”

The WillyNilly children and Princess Peek-A-Boo walked together to Back-Down-Land, while Prince Hop-a-Lot  hopped along side.  A WillyNilly grown up followed behind.


When the  children arrived in Back-Down Land they noticed that all the people were walking backwards. Their hair was combed on to their faces and their shoes were facing back. And , of course, their clothing was worn backwards too.

Prince Hop-a-Lot wondered how people know where they are going if they are walking backwards and face where they had just been.

“Well, maybe that hat on their head helps,” Princess Fay pointed out. “ The hats have  pipes with mirrors that  stretch to the front of their faces. That is how they see where they are going. The boys have short hair and the girls have a space in the middle of their long hair. ”

"But,but....mumbled Prince Jay." Even though they are facing backwards, their clothing is not really backwards--- in a way..."

"What do you mean?" the other children asked him.

"Well, their clothing is facing the direction in which they are going. When
we go forward at home, we have our clothing facing the direction we are going too."

"Shhhsh,Jay," whispered Princess Kay. "We don't want them to get mixed up."

Naa Princess was waiting for the children in front of the palace gate.

“Hello Naa Princess, and happy birthday!”

”Fun of lots have will we.  Party my to came you glad so am I. There hello.”

Princess Kay said that “We can know what that means if we repeat the sentence from back to front. So Naa Princess said, 

   “Hello there. I am so glad you came to my   party.  We will have lots of fun.”

“That’s right, “ Princess Peek-A-Boo added.  “All we need to do is think of the sentence from back to front.  Since what we say sounds backwards to Naa Princess, she has to listen  from back to front too.” As soon as she finished her sentence, Princess Peek-A-Boo disappeared behind the door, jumped out, calling her name.


  “Party the to go to time is it,well,”  said Naa Princess as she backed out of the palace and led the way.

The party was in the  Back-Down Land Alley Bowling.”

The children backed into a large room. They saw lots of balloons on the floor. They went to  a long table which was upside down  with chairs facing away from the table.

“How will we eat? Prince Hop-a-Lot  whispered to his sister as he bounced up and down.

“Oh Hoppy, please try to keep quiet. You will be able to eat. You can put your plate on your lap. You do that at home sometimes.”

The birthday cake was brought out. The children put napkins on their laps and were given plates.  Each child had a big piece put under his or her plate. And ice cream was put under the plates too.  At first the WillySilly children found it hard to eat because the spoons were held backwards . But they soon got used to it.

When they finished eating, everybody sang the birthday song.

“You to birthday happy. Naa Princess dear birthday happy. You to birthday happy. You to birthday happy. :

Naa Princess made a wish .

“Else everybody to understanding and kind be to everyone for wish I.”

She took a deep breath and blew hard. Then  1 candle and 6 more for good luck were lit at the bottom and put on the one piece of cake that was left. 

Soon it was time for the pizza.  Guess where the cheese was!!!!


Soon it was time to play some party games.

First came Pin the donkey on the tail.

Then it was time for bowling.

The children had to stand backwards, and kick the balls down the alleys from behind their backs.  The pins were not at the end  of the bowling alleys so it was hard to knock them down. In fact, there weren’t any pins anywhere.

Prince Jay asked Naa Princess how someone wins the game.

“Stop you then and tired get you until balls the kick just you. Game the win don’t you.”

Finally, the children did get tired and the game was over.


“That was a wonderful party,” Princess Kay said and the other WillySilly children agreed.

“Thank you, Naa Princess,” the children said to their  Back-Down Land friend.

“Too party that to come to you want I. Party old year seven my have will I year next eight am I when.”

Prince Hop-a-Lot  was a little upset because Naa Princess did not open the presents.

“Oh that’s okay,” Princess Fay said to him. “Naa Princess told me that she opened her presents two weeks ago. I suppose she will save our presents and open them before her next birthday party.”


The WillySilly children backed out of the palace, turned around and walked straight back to WillyNilly Land. Well, Prince Hop-a-Lot did hop back, but he was not facing backwards anymore. Before leaving for SillyDilly Land, Prince Hop-a-Lot joined the WillyNilly children and Princess Peek-A-Boo (after she popped out from behind an old chair) and sang a merry song.


“ There isn’t a problem the direction you face,
So long as you safely arrive at a place.
To where you are going, from where you have come,
You’ll never ,no never, have need to feel  glum.

Just keep up good feelings, be kind and be true.
Then kindness and truth will be FOLLOWING YOU.”