The SillyDilly Picnic
A WillySilly Story, #2


One hot summer day, Princess Kay, Princess Fay,
and Prince Jay received a letter  from Princess Peek-a-boo of
SillyDilly Land.

Dear WillyNilly Prince and Princesses,

        It is a wonderful cold snowy summer day here in SillyDilly Land-- Just right for a picnic. Please come to our palace at  3  minutes after 11 o’clock this  morning.

 From Princess Peek-a-boo

P.S.  My younger brother, Prince Hop-A-Lot wants to meet you.


Prince Jay and his sisters  remembered that it is cold in the summer in SillyDillyLand.  

“That’s so strange,” said Princess Fay.

“Well,” said Princess Kay, “people and animals
do strange things in Silly Dilly Land. I guess the
weather does strange things too.”

“But it’s not strange to them,” Prince Jay reminded
his two sisters.

The WillyNilly children put on their coats ,hats ,mittens and snow boots.
They walked out of the palace . They felt very uncomfortable
 on that  hot summer day in WillyNilly Land!


The WillyNilly children arrived at the SillyDilly palace right on time. Princess Peek-a-boo was waiting for them.

“Oh what a lovely  box you are wearing today,”
said Princess Fay.

“Thank you,” Princess Peek-a-boo said politely.
”You look nice too.”
”Would you like to meet my brother , Prince Hop-A-Lot?”

“Yes, yes, we would like to meet him.”


As the children walked to Prince Hop-A-Lot’s room, Princess Kay asked a question.


“Princess Peek-a-boo, is your brother called Prince Hop-A-Lot
because he likes to hop a lot?”

“Yes. In fact my brother hops all the time, except when he is sleeping. He says  that then he dreams about hopping.”

“Why does he hop so much,” asked Prince Jay.

“No one seems to know, not even my  brother.”

Soon the children came to Prince Hop-A-Lot’s room.
He was hopping up and down , up and down.

“Hello,Prince Hop-A-Lot,” the WillyNillys said to the prince.
“Goodbye,” Prince Hop-A-Lot replied.

“But we just got here!” said Prince Jay.

Prince Hop-A-Lot explained that goodbye is what you
say when your friends go home. “If I say goodbye and
you stay, then I am happy.”

“Well in that case, ‘good bye, Prince Hop –A- Lot,” the
visitors  said.

And Princess Kay added, “It is so nice to meet you.



“I think it is time to go to the picnic,” said Princess Peek-a-boo.

“Wait,” shouted Prince Hop-A-Lot.”I have to get Mr. Pin Cushion.” And Prince Hop-A-Lot hopped into the next room.

Princess Peek-a-boo explained that Mr. Pin Cushion is Prince Hop-A-Lot’s pet porcupine.  “He doesn’t like to go places without his pet.”

When Prince Hop-A-Lot hopped back he had his little
porcupine with him. “Would you like to pet Mr. Pin Cushion?” he asked.

“No thank you,” said Prince Jay politely.
“Maybe next time,” Princess Fay whispered.
“Yes, perhaps next time,” added Princess Kay as she put her hands behind her back.

Then Princess Peek-a-boo and Prince Hop-A-Lot put on their green pigs, and their boots and left with their friends.




It was snowing as the children arrived at the picnic park.

There were five snowmen waiting there . They were
invited to the picnic too.

The snowmen had carrots for ears, CD's for eyes, a peach for  their noses, and a candle for their mouths. They each had books on the tops of their heads.

The snowmen looked very strange to the WillyNilly children who asked some questions about them.

“What are the books about?”

“Oh,” said Prince Hop-A-Lot. “They are" how to" books,like How to Grow Socks in the Garden  and How to Dance with Turkey's feather.”

“I see,” said Prince Jay. "Most interesting, I’m sure. But I'd rather dance with a turkey than a turkey's feather."

Princess Kay asked  Princess Peek-a-boo about the candles.

“It gets very dark at night. The snowmen can always light their mouths in order to see where they are going.”

“Hmmm, Princess Fay wondered. “But won’t the fire
from the candle melt the snowmen? And anyway, where are the snowmen going?

“Actually, that is not a problem, because they can always blow out the fire on the candles with their candles, which are their mouths. To answer your second question, the snowmen are usually going

Prince Hop-A-Lot added that the snowmen love music.
“Whenever they want to hear their favorite songs, all
they need to do is play their eyes. And peaches smell so good. The snowmen just love
smelling their noses.”

“Well, we might as well get the picnic started,” said Princess Peek-a-boo and the other children agreed. “The snowmen are probably very hungry after their long trip going nowhere.”




“Oh no,” shouted Prince-Hop-A-Lot. I knew that we forgot to bring something.”

“That’s all right,” said Princess Kay.”We can always go back to the palace and have something to eat there!”

But Prince Hop-A-Lot was worried about the snowmen because they couldn’t go back to the palace because that would be going somewhere. The snowmen usually go nowhere which is somewhere, but not anywhere near the palace.

“Wait a minute,” Prince Jay suddenly had an idea.
“If the snowmen are hungry they can always eat their ears.”

“Yes, that’s true,” said Princess Peek-a-boo, and then she added, “If they are still hungry they can also eat their juicy noses.”

Prince Hop-A-Lot felt much better and hopped off to tell the snowmen what to do and the other children followed. The snowmen had their own language which Prince Hop-A-Lot and Princess Peek -A -Boo understood well.

Prince Hop-A-Lot said to the snowmen, "A tum tum ika foo-a-poo dum eenie teeny toe. Barumba ester kick about, duh simmons bimmons boe."

(Princess Peek-a-Boo told the WillyNilly children what Prince Hop-A-Lot
said. "If you are hungry, you can always eat your ears and noses."

The snowmen replied, " Ba tum tum mik ma toola ring, mis toppy gook a
sing. A leeka tara bitty boo, na rumpa, dumpa bing. Moe topple tooka
time machine a bittle battle stew. Ka push ma tootle ding a ring, ma any
cook a brew."

(Princess Peek -a-Boo told what the snowmen said. "The snowmen said --



 Then the  children went back to the palace and ate a
wonderful meal. They had a plateful of jellybean stew with mashed prunes. For dessert they had string bean salad mixed with marshmallows.

After the palace picnic, Princess  Fay said, “I think it is
time for us to go back to WillyNillyLand .”

“Good bye and thank you, Princess Peek-a-boo. We had a wonderful time.”

“And hello,” Prince Hop-A-Lot. We hope to see you again soon.”

“And you too, Mr. Pin Cushion, “Princess Fay said as she put her hands behind her back.

When the three WillyNilly children arrived home, the
first thing they did was take off their coats, hats ,
mittens and boots.

Then they went out side for an evening swim in the palace pool.

They were singing a lovely song.


_____________________________________________________________ __
   How nice to have a picnic,   On a cold and snowy day.  But

_____________________________________________________________ __

don’t forget to    bring the food , Or what’s the point to stay.  A

_____________________________________________________________ __

picnic, a picnic, it’s what we love to do.     A picnic, a picnic, it’s

_____________________________________________________________ _

fun for me and you.