story # 5



One  cold winter WillyNilly day, Prince Jay, Princess Kay and Princess Fay received a letter from Princess Peek-A-Boo.

Dear Prince Jay, Princess Kay and Princess Fay,

 We are inviting you to SillyDilly Land to celebrate our holidays that come in the
first week of the month of Tootyploppy. That starts tomorrow on Wippy Day. The celebration lasts for a week. We will have fun, so please come.

From Princess Peek-A-Boo

P.S. Please bring your favorite umbrella.


Prince Jay and his two sisters asked their mother and father permission to go to SillyDilly Land. The next day they left WillyNilly Land with their suitcases and umbrellas. They remembered that in winter it is warm in SillyDilly Land.

When they arrived at the palace Prince Hop-A-Lot was waiting for them. Princess Peek-A-Boo jumped out from behind him calling her name and added,
“How wonderful of you to come.”

Prince Hop-A-Lot said goodbye to his guests which is what he always says
when people arrive.


“What is the first celebration?” asked Princess Kay. “And when
does it begin?”

Prince Hop-A-Lot was jumping up and down higher than ever. He was
so excited. Mr. Pin Cushion was sticking his head out of Prince Hop-A-Lot's pocket looking very dizzy.

“It starts tomorrow on Wippy Day" Prince Hoppy said on the hop. "The first celebration is called ‘National  Eat With Your Elbows.’ ”


“How does that work?” Princess Kay asked Princess Peek-A-Boo and her brother.

“Well," said Princess Peek-A-Boo "since we eat with our elbows, we need to feed each other.That is the only way it works.”

“And this reminds us….” Prince Hop-A-Lot  said slowly,  “that….. Oh, I forgot.”

“Oh Hoppy, you do need a reminder” his sister told him. “  It reminds us
that we always need to help each other, and that is not only when we eat   with our elbows.”

Princess Peek-A-Boo turned to the WillyNilly children and added “On Wippy Day we get together in SillyDilly Town Hall garden and all the invited people have a big dinner.”

“And who is invited, Princess Peek-A-Boo?”

“All the people who get invitations, of course. That’s everybody! No one gets left out on Wippy Day, even if it does get crowded.”

“So, Prince Hop-A-Lot,”  what do you eat with your elbows at the National Elbow

“Well,  we start off with soup and then the rest is a big surprise.”

“That sounds exciting,” said Princess Fay as the children went off to town hall.



It was raining very  hard by the time the children arrived at the town hall garden

“Oh dear,” groaned Princess Peek-A-Boo.  “Now the soup will get wet and soggy.”

“Never mind, Princess Peek-A-Boo,”whispered Princess Kay. “At home we eat wet soup all the time and it  tastes delicious. And you did tell us to take our umbrellas, so it should be all right.”

“No, no,” said Prince Hop-A-Lot.  “The umbrellas are not used for the rain. They are used next Saturday for “Pretending it is a Duck Day.  We float the umbrellas in the river. We pretend that the umbrellas are ducks.”

“Gee,” uttered Princess Kay. “ That may be a problem.  You see my umbrella is pink and ducks are yellow. So how can we pretend that my pink umbrella is a duck?”


Then princess Peei-A-Boo reminded her WillyNilly friend that  although most of the ducks in  SillyDilly Land are blue, some ducks are other colors too. “ In SillyDilly Land  all ducks are welcome. After all, ducks are ducks no matter what colors they are.”



By the time all the people finished eating their wet soup, the rest of the dinner
 was served. It was delicious: peanut butter and mustard biscuits with cranberry beans.

The WillyNilly children had a bit of trouble feeding eachother with their elbows, but were too polite to say anything. Everyone was having a good time—laughing,talking, singing ,eating and getting wet.

Soon King Toothpick stood up to give a speech.

“The whole purpose of getting together  at this garden dinner  is to remind
us how we can help each other, especially with our elbows.”
Then he said it again…“The whole purpose of getting together  at this garden dinner  is to remind us how we can help each other, especially with our elbows.”The King said the same thing twenty times.
Then he finished his speech by repeating , “The whole purpose of getting together  at this garden dinner  is to remind us how we can help each other, especially with our elbows.”

Queen Laptop, always wanting to have her say, stood up and added, “The whole purpose of getting together  at this garden dinner  is to remind us how we can help each other, especially with our elbows.”

Princess Peek-A-Boo always wanted her say too, jumped out from under the table and said "Peek-A-Boo."


There were many wonderful celebrations during the TootyPloppy holidays.
The last one was called “Run Around in Circles.”

The three WillyNilly children looked puzzled.
“If you run in circles, how does anyone get anywhere?”

“You don’t,” answered Princess Peek-A-Boo. "But  at least you will not run into a wall. The purpose of this celebration is to remind us to watch where we are going.”

 At the end of the week, the WillyNilly children went home. The first
thing they did was to write a thank you letter to Princess Peek-A-Boo , Prince Hop-A-Lot and their parents. It was a song which a servant had to take to SillyDilly Land and sing to King Toothpick, Queen Laptop, Princess Peek-A-Boo and Prince Hop-A-Lot,

Thanks so much for having us,
To help you celebrate.
We surely had a load of fun,
The holidays were great.

It’s fun to be together,
During TootyPloppy times.
We’d write another thousand words,
But can’t!
    We’re out of rhymes!

From Prince Jay, Princess Kay and Princess Fay