Chicken Little Chronicles:

The Erudite Edition



 ( with great appreciation to John Keats for whom,despite
the humor, I have great respect as a brilliant 19th century poet.)

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How pleasant the air on that beautiful day,
The leaves brightly colored she saw on her way.
She’s off  on a mission, we certainly know,
The party is off to a green-lighted ‘GO’.

“My friend, Turkey Lurkey, and I are a team,
We’ll work and make happen what now seems a dream.


Chicken Little buoyantly trotted along the wooded path en route to Lukey Manor- the majestic,august, almost monarchical ancestral estate of her good friend and confederate /confidant Turkey Lurkey.  After awhile she slowed down considerably to a rather dilatory stroll in order to relish the sumptuous  beauty around her.  As Chicken Little ambled along she reflected upon the wonders of natures variegations. The verdancy  of summer had indeed become alive with imposingly vibrant autumnal hues.   “ How compelling and splendiferous, remarked Chicken Little out loud as if she were confabulating with the birds.” “ How unequivocally jolly! ” 



Chicken Little was in an exceptionally exultant mood. So jocund was she that not even the contemplation of the upcoming, inevitable encounter with Mr. Malarchie, Turkey Lurkey’s dour, testy somewhat supercilious butler could shake her jovial spirit. As she approached the doorway, however, some apprehension overtook  her, but only momentarily. Chicken Little chided herself for having what she considered to be the odious reactions of a daunted poltroon. But the euphonic dulcetness of Lurkey Manor’s melodious door chimes revived her beamish attitude and tenacious determination , as she reminded herself of her very important mission. "We are to plan a party after all,” she told herself just as the door slowly opened.

“Well,” said the austere butler laconically in his lugubrious , moaning voice.


“I am here to consult with Turkey Lurkey on some crucial business,” announced Chicken Little.  “May I be granted entree to her hallowed presence?” she continued rather sardonically.

“I shall inquire as to whether Madam is at home and receiving,” said he, whereupon the churlish fellow slammed the door in Chicken Little’s beak. “Hardly replete with delectation, what!!”jested Chicken Little to herself in an ardent attempt to assuage her affronted pride. 


Presently the door reopened. After a momentary hesitation, Mr. Malarchie curtly imparted to Chicken Little in his typical perfunctory and disdainful manner that “Mme Lurkey is, and you may.”

Chicken Little  was thereupon ushered into an elaborate, if not overly ornate hall decorated with glittering chandeliers and elegantly designed furnishings. She was then led off to the equally ostentatious parlor wherein Turkey Lurkey zealously awaited her friend’s arrival.



The team is in harness, and ready to move.
C.L. and T.L. in a partying groove.
And if you are anxious to know of the plan.
Move on to part 4 just as quick as you can.

Described is the party and how it proceeded,
I think you’ll agree that  it truly succeeded.




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