The folktale, CHICKEN LITTLE, was originally known as HENNY PENNY. The story appears in the Joseph Jacobs collection of English folktales. It is classified in the genre of "ANIMAL" Tales, sometimes referred to as "TALKING BEAST TALES." Though the HENNY PENNY version still exists, this tale is sometimes presented with Chicken Little as the lead character,
which is how the stories in this series are presented.

As originally told, Henny Penny (now also Chicken Little) is hit on the head by an acorn. She decides that the sky is falling, and thinks it necessary to tell the king about the situation. On her way, she meets up with other animals who believe her story and join her in her mission.

They then meet Foxy Loxy who tricks them into following her to her den. As the story was and is originally told, the hapless animals are eaten up and suffer a very severe consequence for their foolishness.

In the first of the Chicken LIttle Chronicles, I present the retelling adaptation of the folktale. As is frequent with folktales, there is an alteration in the story line--specifically, in the ending. An additional figure is included who saves the pathetic group.

The second, third and fourth stories are original sequels written by me.

These stories are used as a vehicle for teens and other intererested people to learn advanced vocabulary. Each word is clickable to the definition.

from Suzie-Jean

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