grades 2-3

The word FOLK means people.

When we use the word FOLK we usually think of regular people.

That means they are not kings or queens , or other kinds of special people.


The word Lore means the beliefs and behaviors that people have.

FOLKORE includes the beliefs and way of life that
people in a group share together.

How do people get into a "group?"

--The people in the group might be living in the same country.

--The people in the group might be the same race.

-- The people in the group might speak the same language.

The group might have all three similarities. Similarities means almost the same.


"Identifying with a group," means that people in the group see themselves as part of that group, sharing most of what that group believes about life. The people in that group behave in a similar way .



Folklore can include:

beliefs about living

dances-- called folkdances

songs-- called folksongs

stories--called folktales

holidays , celebrations, games
and clothing styles



Relgion is what people believe too.

But, religion is not usually thought of as folklore.

That is because many people in many different groups can have the same religion. In many other ways, each of the groups that share a religion might be different.


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