Types of Folktales
grades 2-3


There are many different kinds of folktales.


1. Fairy Tales are also called Tales of Enchantment.

2. They have characters with magical powers such as witches,
fairies, giants and elves.

3.Fairy Tales ( Tales of Enchantment)can have regular people
too, including kings, queens, princes and princesses, farmers
and others who are not magical . Some of these stories have

4. Fairy Tales are not usually set at an exact place or an exact
time. Usually these stories are said to take place "a long time ago," or "once upon a time," in a "place far, far away." There
could be other words with similar ideas used to tell where and
when the story takes place.

Some famous Fairy Tales are Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella,
and Repunzel.



1. Some people think that Legends are a type of folktale. Some
people believe legends are separate from folktales.

2. Legends are stories that are passed down from generation
to generation . We usually do not know who told the stories
at the beginning.

3. Legends have some history in them. Some of the history
is true and some are probably not true. We don't always know
what facts of history are true and what are not.


Some examples of legends are :

The Legends of Robin Hood took place in England.
The Legend of William Tell from England.
The Legend of Blackbeard from the United States.



1. These tales are exaggerated stories. Exaggerate means to
say something that is stretched much bigger than can ever be
possible in real life.

for example:

Possible: "John is so strong he can pull a rock the size of a big bucket along the ground."

Not Possible: "John is so strong he can pul a wagon load of rocks."

There are many famous Tall Tales in many countries. The most famous Tall Tales come from the United States. Some of these stories are about made-up characters. Some of the characters were real people, but the stories about them are exaggerated.

Here are some famous Tall Tales:

The stories about Paul Bunyan
The stories about Pecos Bill
The stories about Davy Crockett



1. Fables are stories that teach a lesson called "a moral."

2. Many fables are very short stories with animals.

3. The "moral" is often written as a single sentence at the end
of the story.

4. The most famous fables are said to be told by a slave named Aesop who lived in Greece thousands of years ago.

Some famous Fables are:

The Hare and the Tortoise
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Boy Who Cried Wolf


1. Animal tales have animal characters. These animals act
like humans.

2. Most animal tales have ONLY animal characters, but some
animal tales have some people. The most important characters are animals.

A famous Animal Tale is called:

The Bremen Town Musicians