Who’s Who in You

Become introspective, search hard for what’s true;
Continue to look for the who’s who in you.

We all get opinions from others--- that’s fine,
But only the “you” can correctly define,

The person who dwells way down deep inside you.
A search must be made for your own point of view.

Now many will think that you’re great-- and you are;
But personal thoughts count the most--- and by far.

And maybe folks know that you’re wonderfully smart,
But think for yourself, that's the place you must start...

I do not imply, do not wish to purport ,
 That your friends and your family can’t lend you support.

The backing they give you will HELP you be strong,
To stay on your course, choose what’s right from what’s wrong.

But when you decide on what’s yes or what’s no,
Look deep in your heart, it's the place ideas flow.

So go on a trip, others follow behind,
This beautiful, wonderful journey to find,

Your own inner self---- from yourself grab each clue.
Continue to look for the who’s who in you.