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Camelot's Mist and Magic

Music and Lyrics by Suzie-Jean,
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music



Our mini doll group members thought
Their newest creativity,
Would focus on the medieval era,
With misty, magical fantasy.

So some decided, make a maiden,
A damsel in distress, despair.
Relying on her knight in armor,
With love for her , he doth declare.

And others chose, create a dragon,
Fairy, giant, king a queen.
An Elf, a nymph a wily wizard,
A unicorn or monster green.

The background for the dolls, a castle,
Standing tall above the trees.
The Middle Ages thus presented,
A by-gone era's moments freeze.

To go along with the mini scenes,
Some tales the group is wont to write.
The stories tell what happened then,
At dawn, the afternoon or night.

And through the magic fire box
The whole wide world could come and find...
Our images of olden days,
An era never left behind.



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created and performed
by Bernie Katzman