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music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman


The Song


The Music



Oh, listen my children and hear without pause,
The midnight ride of William Dawes.
In April of 1775,
A bit of history I'll revive.

Well, Billy Dawes, his intentions grand.
Prevent oppression in our land.
For him so very much to do...
And Paul Revere would help out too.

"We'll tell the people of our cause,"
Exclaimed Revere and Billy Dawes.
"Enlist another in our plan...
Choose Samuel Prescott, he's our man."

Tough luck for Paul within the hour,
His zealous mission went quite sour.
The Redcoats caught him, took him in.
Admonished Paul for his evil sin.

Released him then without his horse.
He could not keep on hero's course.
For Dawes and Prescott, not the same.
They weren't forced to abandon their aim.

They fled from capture, that they did,
And with their horses safely hid.
When the road became more clear.
They mounted up and fear.

When Billy Dawes and Sam, his friend,
Proceeded forth-- Paul's ride.. the END.
Yet who remembers Billy Dawes,
Or Samuel Prescott with applause?

Well very few, I 'm sad to say.
Revere's remembered to this day.
How can that be?
Why is it so?
A poet wrote so long ago....

Listen my children and you shall hear,
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere....

This poet then described those times..
Chose Paul Revere because
..............he rhymes!!!!

The poet Longfellow could not say,
Nor can we sing in the following way...

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
And Samuel Prescott ,Billy Dawes
Who side by side rode through the night...

....... These final lyrics don't sound right.

In fact I sense a bit of intrigue,
To saddle us with ear fatigue.



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