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music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




I went to a farm and saw with alarm,
That the farmer tripped .......over a chair.
Then slipped his heels on banana peels,
His feet went up in the air, they did,
His feet went up in the air.

If that wasn't enough of this crazy stuff,
The farmer's wife ran..... into a tree.
She hopped away, and later that day,
Poor lady scraped her knee, oh dear,
Poor lady scraped her knee.

And the horses yelped moo,
The cows neighed too,
The rooster , he was cacklin'
The goats and the sheep woke up from their sleep,
When the pigs were loudly quackin'.

Then I hit my head on a barnyard shed,
As I ran away... from a small flea.
By then I knew, 'tis certainly true..
That a farm is a great place, a great place to be..

The farm is where we all want to be...
The farmer, his wife, and me, that's three.


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