Ilana Louise, the World's Singing for You


Music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and played by Bernie Katzman


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Ilana Louise you're my beautiful girl,
A diamond, a ruby, magnificent pearl.
From morning to morning, in all that I do,
My thoughts rarely stray from the marvelous you.

Ilana Louise I am able to say,
You're really quite brilliant, in a soft way.

Your accomplishments mount, then people realize,
You're a competent woman with intuitive eyes.

The Leaves in the trees sing Ilana Louise,
the gentlest breeze hums Ilana Louise,
The busiest bumble bees buzz that song too...
Ilana Louise the world's singing for you.

The people who know you have always agreed,
That you are a woman, whose bound to succeed.
You're a beauty , a vision, a sight to behold.
You are valuable, more, than all the world's gold.


The birds on the seas sing Ilana Louise,
The small chickadees sing Ilana Louise.
The people all love you and shout your praise...
'Cause you are terrific in ten million ways.

Click for an improvisation of the song
by Bernie Katzman