Music and Lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song



The Music



The ancient Greeks ruled all the Jews,
It happened very long ago,
The Jews were sad, cause life was bad,
The Maccabees came and shouted...


"We will not follow what you say,
We'll all rebel, and start today.
We're Jews who always want to pray,
And worship G-d in our own way. "

The Greeks and Jews, they had a fight,
The Jews fought hard to set things right.
Then finally, the Maccabee,
Showed all the Greeks, the Jewish might.

A bitter plight, the Temple's light,
Had oil to burn for just one night,
A miracle then, it happened when,
The oil had lasted eight days bright.

The Jewish people had their way,
They won their battles, voiced their say,
'Cause Jews shall always want to pray,
And worship G-d in their own way.



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