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music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




Oh I'm a little dreidel,
I'm always in a tizzy,
The children spin me, spin, spin, spin,
That's why I'm feeling dizzy.

Yes, I'm a little dreidel,
Made of plastic, wood or clay,
I spin, spin, spin spin round and round,
At Chanukah time, spinning each day.

Oh round and round, twirl around.
I spin until I fall flat on the ground.
What will you see, what will I say.
Nun, or Gimmel, or Shin or hei.

Oh children love to spin,
It's what they like to play,
I twirl around till I'm flat on the ground,
Then its nun, gimmel, shin or hei.