music and lyrics by Suzie-jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Song: The Saloon version

(Caution: this version is NOT for hyper-sensitive people especially
those for whom Alcoholism is an issue. )


The Music



Who in the world was Franklin Pierce,
An army soldier strong and fierce.
A United States president, of some recall,
Was he all the above, or none at all.

Well all the above is mostly true.
An army commander our president too,
Good gosh, Mr. Pierce, if ya' gained more acclaim,
Then many more folks would remember your name.


Oh Franklin Pierce, it just bring me to tears,
Ya' stayed in the White House four long years..
Those were troublesome times, it is fair to think.
The pressure, that's what, they drove ya' to drink..

But don't despair, with a voice real strong,
I 'll try to acknowledge ya' with this song.

And remember, sir, as I 'm glad to say,
If only one looks in the history books,
Your name still appears to this very day.



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