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Music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

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Oh Tillie, little Tillie, you are tattling all day through,
You tattle on your classmates that is what you like to do,

It's right to tell a grown up if there's something very wrong,
But tattling is different, you are doing it all day long,

If someone hurts your feelings then you have a right to tell,
When someone's causing danger it is right to tell as well.

But tattling on others which will make them really sad,
Is not at all a good idea, it's really kind of bad.

Oh Tillie, silly Tilly you will see that in the end,
That tattling isn't fun to do, you'll never have a friend.

Oh Tilly, little Tilly, you most certainly will find,
That many kids will like you when you 're acting kind.


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