music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
song/narration Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman


The Song

The Music



Oh,William Henry Harrison , what a president..
You were tops, in a bunch of ways.
You might have done a lot more for America.
Alas ya' lasted only 32 days.

Oh President Harrison, Ol' Tippecanoe,
Your days in the White House were so few.
Oh Tippecanoe, Oh Tippecanoe,
You didn't wear a coat, so we had to bury you.

It was 1840 when you were elected,
You kept that ball a'rollin' along.
OK, OK --Let's keep you strong.
Keep the ball rollin' was your favorite song.

But Tippecanoe and Tyler too,
You won the election, notoriety grew.
We've always been pleased,
' cause out of the blue,
Log cabin Booz was brewed for you.

Oh President Harrison, our point of view
Is that praise which is heaped is homage due
Though all that we sing is kinda' true,
We 've run out of rhymes,
.......... so our song is through.

Improvisations by Bernie Katzman


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