I Have a Hammentaschen

Music and Lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




I have a hammentaschen,
I'd like to share with you,
And now I have another one,
Now we have two,

Oh one and one make two you see,
Add another hammentaschen,
Then there's three,

If we go and get one more,
We'll find that we have four.
We have four hammentaschen,
So each of us has two.

I'll go and get one hammentaschen more,
That's five for me and you.

Oh five is really great you see,
There's 2 for you and 3 for me.....

Oh, then.....
We'd better add another one,
'cause three and three is lots of fun.

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