The Hissing of "S"

Music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music



Szz, Szz, Szz,...Szz, Szzz, Szzz
Szz, Szz, Szz,...Szz, Szzz, Szzz.

Oh, 'S' is the letter which curves around,
You hear a soft sizzling, a hissing sound.
It's found in words in soap and sun,
In names such as Sally and Sam who have fun.

And S in the summer, we swim in the sea.
We play in the sand so happily.
There are so many words where 'S' is found.
Oh 'S' is important, a great sounding sound.

Oh the hissing of S are in words that we say.
In sentences used when we're speaking today.

Szzz, Szzz... Szzz Szzz... Szzz, Szzz, Szzz.



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