Dear President Obama,

I am relying on my assumption that you have a good sense of humor for this song is satire, and hopefully,a bit of fun during these rough times. As one of the final stanzas indicate, I think you are trying as much or harder than any politician has throughout our history. You have taken on a nearly impossible job with innumerable obstacles.

When you were elected, I was worried FOR you. It seemed to me that many people in this country somehow viewed you as a magician or the Messiah, or both. I thought at the time that this was unfair to you. I still feel that way, even more intensely. You are a very highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated human being with the courage to take on a job that few others would . I respect you greatly for your spirit and stamina. I knew you would do your
humanly best and that is all anyone could expect of you. You have lived up
to that mission and will continue to do so.

I wish you continued luck in your struggle to preserve this country facing
huge challenges.