Let's Make Hammentaschen

Music by Bernie Katzman &Suzie-Jean
Lyrics by Suzie-Jean

Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music



Mama may we make some Hammentaschen,
Make some Hammentaschen,
Make some hammentaschen,
Please let's make some hammentaschen,
Purim is almost here.

Yes, we can make some hammentaschen,
Make some hammentaschen,
Make some hammentaschen,
We love to make some hammentaschen,
When Purim time is near.

We'll roll out the dough, make it very flat,
That's just what we'll do, we will make it like that,
We'll put jam in the middle, in the middle and then,
Squeeze the corners like Hamen's hat.....
(shake groggers)

I love when it's time to eat Hammentaschen,
Chewy hammentaschen, yum,yum, yum,
I'll eat the delicious Hammentaschen,
When Purim time, when Purim time,
When that wonderful holiday has...
Finally come.



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