Mindy, a lovely vision to see..
From when we met I knew that...

Mindy, you're the one for me. 

MIndy, with your eyes sparkling blue.
(or... "Mindy,  my heart keeps you in  view")

I'm in love with you.
You're my dreams come true.

When you meet someone.
That special day..
To share your life with.. 
In such a precious way, so dearest
Mindy..What I will always want to do.
Give my heart and my soul.
And all my love to you.




Spending my life with you
That is the thing  that  I want to do
Cause from the start I could clearly see,
That you’re the only one for me.

And I’m so in love with you
When we first met I knew how true
That you and me  we make a good team
That’s why I’ll spend my life with you.

When we’re strolling through the park
And we’re walking hand in hand
It makes me feel wonderfully good.
I know I’m fortunate, lucky in love
Top of the world, really grand.

I’m spending my life with you
That is what I want to do
And everyday I can clearly say,
That you’re the best thing that’s happened to me.
Yes, I’m so in love with you
I feel blessed, I truly do
Cause you and  me make  a fabulous team
My hearts all aglow and I need you to know.
I want to give me love to you.





Remember my face....  it glowed all the while..
With feelings of joy and pride, I cherished your smile.
Together we cared;  Together we shared..
...we shared....A need to embrace.

But now you're away,....Oh why did you go?
If you looked at my face, you'd know,
Gone is my glow.....I'm missing you so,
A flood of tears flow.. And that's because
I'm crying each day.

Just when I thought that...we were a pair..
You suddenly left me, deep in despair.
If I knew where you  are,  even if far..

I'd long, I'd long, I'd want to go there. 




.......I continue to feel,
Our love is sincere, 
That's why, I believe, that
You'll reappear.

And then we just may,
Share love every day.
Together, forever, 
That's how we'll stay 

Somehow I Believe
improvisation- by Bernie Katzman

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I Always Want to be With you




I always want to be with you.....
That's exactly what I plan to do, to

Talk with you when I walk.... with you...
I feel grand, holding your hand... and

Life with you is like a bell.....
Softly sounding in my ear, it's swell when it
Rings to me, it  sweetly sings to me... that,

Loving you is great, you're my precious soul-mate.

I know when problems come along, with
Worries, very strong. 
I'll count on you, 'cause your love will pull me through
That's why... yeah that's why...

I'll always want to be with you...
there's no better thing that I  could do,

To dream with you, to be a team.... with you.
Just wait and see, just wait and see.... that

We'll be  happy and we'll always be.