Music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song

The Music



Oh, T is for the turkey that we eat Thanksgiving day.
And T is for terrific it tastes good in every way.
Oh T is for my tummy that loves sweet potatoes too,
And T is for the table where there's food the whole year through

Oh I'm thankful, I am thankful for the
good things that I've got.
I'm thankful yes I'm thankful, I am blessed to have a lot.

Well T is for the time we spend a loving family.
And T is for together talking very happily.
Oh T is for tomorrows we'll share many moments more,
I'm thankful for so many joys that there is still in store.

That's why I'm thankful, I'm thankful,
for all the things I've got..
I'm thankful, I'm thankful, I'm blessed to have a lot.

I'm thankful, I am thankful,I am thankful, I am thankful,
I am very, very thankful ...cause I'm blessed to have a lot.

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