Nutritious is Delicious

music by Suzie-jean and Sigal Chen
lyrics by Suzie-jean

Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




There are plenty of healthy foods to eat,
Pasta and breads made with whole grain wheat,
Chicken and fish, lots of good meats.
Vegetables, fruits which are sweet.

Well, what about eggs, they're important too.
Adding dairy foods is a smart thing to do,
Have rice and potatoes, I hope you'll agree,
Have cereals with minerals and vitamins B.

You'll find that nutritious is delicious too,
These tasty foods are so good for you.
And over time as your body grows,
You'll feel healthy from your head to your toes.

Yes eating balanced meals each day,
Will help you stay fit, it's really the way,
To be at your best, feeling very strong.
Just follow the message in this song.


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