The Peacock and the Kangaroo

music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




Last night I had a silly dream,
About a kangaroo.
This kangaroo lived in the zoo,
Such funny things she would do...
She stood on her head for a minute or two.
This nutty kangaroo.

A peacock bird, a peacock bird
Was in the dream too.
He also lived in the zoo,
He had a tail green and blue.
The peacock sneezed achoo, achoo,
In my strange dream of the zoo.

And in the dream, the kangaroo,
This kangaroo in the zoo,
She hopped over the peacock,
The peacock green and blue.

Then morning came, the morning came,
My sleeping time was through.
And so was my dream of the kangaroo
And the peacock bird, green and blue.
It's time to each breakfast, the day is new.
Perhaps for real, I'll visit the zoo.




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