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music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song

The Song, slower tempo



The Music

Music, slower tempo


We're on a learning trip, now we've begun.
To study the planets that go round the sun,
There are eight big planets and dwarf planets too,
They're orbiting our solar system, that's what they do.

Let's name them, there's Mercury, it's planet one.
And Mercury is closest to our big sun.
Well, then comes Venus, it's one we sometimes see.
And our own home Earth, is planet number three.

And next comes Mars it is number four,
But don't stop counting, there 're several more.
There's Jupiter the biggest it's the next to be found.
Then Saturn the planet with rings going round.

Uranus and Neptune we must not forget,
and a few dwarf planets, the smallest ones yet.
Well, one is Pluto, there're four others too,
Just look through a telescope, see what's in view.



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