A Smiley Grin

music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The Song


The Music




Oh raise your left hand way up high,
Wiggle your fingers, let them fly.
Make that left hand touch your chin,
Let your mouth make a smiley grin.

Now, raise your right hand,touch your head,
Stretch your fingers, let them spread,
Put that right hand on your chin,
Let your mouth make a smiley grin.

Oh left, right , left, right,
Raising those hands is a funny sight,
Oh left, right, do it again,
Oh do it 'till you count to ten.


(note: raise the left, right hands while counting )

Now take both hands, touch your hips,
Raise them up, touch your lips,
Make both hands touch your chin,
Once again make a smiley grin.

Clap your hands, it's so much fun,
Now take a rest, our song is done.




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by Bernie Katzman



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