The Perfectionist


Perfectionists are not perfect. However ,they strive to be just that. Their standards of behavior are very high. Their standards of everything are very high. They are usually very neat. They usually aim to get perfect scores on tests and are strict about assignments. They are usually attempting to be on top of every situation. They are , for the most part, high achievers because they work hard at what they are doing. When they do not meet their own standards they are likely to feel frustrated. This can be a frequent occurrence because the human standards of absolute perfection are not really doable.There generally is some sort of flaw somewhere. (Or is it 'floor smoewhere'?) The only perfection can be found in 1+1=2 ,and things of this particular mathematical nature.

Perfectionists tend to require high standards of those around them. It is hard for perfectionists to deal with faults in others, especially people close to them. They often lose respect for those who do not achieve the high standards they set.

Being a perfectionist is difficult. Though the end results of what they are doing or being are often good, the efforts extended are arduous and exhausting.

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