The Arrogant Personality

Not only does this personality think he or she is right about mostly everything, he / she is sure of it. Not only does this personality think that his/her presence is momentous, he/she is sure of it.

The arrogant personality is a very powerful force. There is probably enormous insecurity underneath, but it doesn't come out that way.

You might say that the arrogant person has enormous BRAVADO.

Frequently, the arrogant voice will be loud,though it doesn't have to be in order to have a strong effect. The presentation of what is being said is often intimidating.

The arrogant person is not always right because no one is. In fact, the arrogant person might very well be wrong about what he or she is so right about. Barton presents his ideas as being totally right. Because this is an exaggeration of the personality type, whatever Barton says turns out to be totally wrong. That is because arrogance in itself is wrong. No one knows everything. No one is right all the time. No one has the right to claim that he/she is right all the time.

It may also happen that the arrogant person is technically correct in what he/she is saying a good deal of the time. What is wrong,however, is his/her arrogant demeaner. This either turns people off , or, it manipulates other people into feeling respect,oftentimes,unwarrented , or it diminishes others into feeling a lack of personal self-confidence.

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