The Frantically Compulsive Courier

(Any similarity of Mr .Knee to anyone you know or know of is purely coincidental)


He's here and he's there, he is so everywhere,
He transmits your messages ,does it with care.

'Cause Knebulous Knee, the reliable one,
Will do what he does' till the whole job is done.

Delivers your note whether written or oral,
He lives by a rule, it's his most favorite moral:

"I'll rush to the place where directed to go,
And transfer your message correctly and so,"

"Rely on me, call me, I'm ready for you.
You'll know that your memo is sure to get through."


As founder ,chairman and only member of the King George III Fan Club, Knebulous Knee is always on the move. He has a sign on his front door which says:

Knebulous Knee is very fast on his feet. HE NEEDS TO BE TO GET TO THE NUMEROUS PLACES HE IS SET ON GOING. He is involved in a wide variety of activities, day and night--when he isn't working, that is. He has a need to be wherever he needs to be promptly, and he seems to need to be just about everywhere. Well, maybe not quite everywhere!--But close!

It is understandable that Knebulous should have chosen the profession that necessitates rapid movement: MESSAGE COURIER. He has turned himself into a one person company called "KNEE DEEP INC." His slogan is:

"Use Knee Deep Inc. for all message handling. Your dispatch will be transferred promptly or I will deliver two for you the next time. I am discreet with both your written and oral communications.MUMS the word at Knee Deep Inc. My service is as reliable as a Geyser."

Knebulous Knee is rather frantic. Some say that he seems to want his life to run as closely as and predictably to the speed of sound as possible. Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration, BUT,ON THE OTHER HAND, knowing Mr .Knee, maybe not!

Knebulous Knee believes it is essential to be on time. Knowing that life has its unpredictabilities, he makes it his practice to be early to everything and everywhere: VERY EARLY. When he sets up appointments for message pickups, for example, he shows up hours in advance; ( although one time he did arrive 5 minutes late, but it was okay because he was three days early.)He repeats, daily, the immortal words of the great literary giant, Shake A. Spear, " Better three hours too soon than a minute too late!"

"Punctuality is the key that opens up all doors before anyone else opens them," he always tells his one employee (himself); a theory which is, as you can well-imagine, very helpful in this message delivery business. He follows the same pattern when he is out socializing.

To insure what he calls prompivity and prevent what he calls tardivity, Knebulous always has his clock with him. It is an antique heirloom,which he believes is a lucky charm of sorts. One problem though--the clock doesn't work very well and it refuses to be fixed (though attempts have been made on numerous occasions.)

This clock, you see, never tells Knebulous the correct time, so he never knows what time it is; however , it always tells him the incorrect time so he knows what time it isn't--which does sometimes help. For instance, if there is a scheduled appointment for a message pickup at 11:00AM,Tuesday, and the clock says 11:00AM and it is Tuesday, he knows that the message does not have to be picked up right then because it isn't 11:00AM on Tuesay, you know. At least the clock keeps working. If the clock stopped altogether, then it would tell him the correct time only once or twice a day (depending upon the type of clock) and what good would that be?

For the most part, Knebulous Knee has learned to tell time by the sun, and when it rains, he asks any individual he meets as he whizzes by.


The next time you witness a blur whirling by,
You might just assume that it's some sort of fly.

Or maybe , perchance, it is Knebulous Knee.
He's bringing a missive, I hope it's for me!



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