The philosopher personality seems to have his or her head in the clouds. He or she is an erudite (learned, scholarly ) person who appears to talk about unrealistic, lofty topics which few others can understand or relate to. Some philosophers purposely make what he or she is saying obstruse ; the intention is to befuddle the listener who will adulate the speaker.

Some of the time an analysis ( or dissection!) of what the philosopher is saying will reveal that there really is substance there, and the thoughts are worth listening to and absorbing. Sometimes the analysis will indicate just the opposite--that the philosopher is saying, in a very sophisticated and impressive way, not much!

The philosopher thinks all the time--analytically and aesthetically. Thinking is his or her passion.

This philosopher of Dzitzel has some very unusual theories. They might sound absurd, but are they?

The first philosophy ---of "non-flinching failure" implies that it is human to make mistakes-- so accept and learn from them.

The second philosophy ( Sorted R I B Bins) sounds much more bizarre, and is, in many ways, quite ridiculous.

However ,there is some meaning there-- that some of the knowledge we try to stuff into our heads serves the purpose of muddling our minds. The over-collection of data can result in brain clutter which can cause anxiety. The best thing to do, I believe,is know what is necessary and/or comfortable to know and not get upset about what is not known or understood. The philosophy used to be called: THE THEORY OF SELECTIVE AND NONSELECTIVE OBLIVION. I changed the title of the philosophy because I don't understand what that title means, exacty!

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