It is very normal for people, both male and female, to be concerned about their appearance. It is quite normal for people to enjoy buying clothing, shoes and accessories. In fact, it is not abnormal for people to have much more than they need. It is healthy for all people to be concerned about themselves- but not to the exclusion of others.

Like every other character trait taken to extreme, excessive self-concernbecomes self-obsession. Psychologists might refer to this condition as - -

Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


The characteristics of this disorder are excessive vanity, conceit ,selfishness and lack of empathy for others.

The Crown Princess Malaria exemplfies this disorder. She is extremely vain and self-consumed. Her appearance is the focus of her life. She is convinced that she--her appearance, indeed,her very existence should be the focus of EVERYBODY'S life.

As is true with ALL the personalities presented in this series, this affliction is not gender specific. Men as well as women can show these traits.

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