In the Orderly Tradition

(Any similarity of any person you know or know of to Tiller T.Tiller is purely coincidental)


Tiller is orderly, organized ,neat,
To look at his drawers is a wonderful treat!!!


When Tiller T. Tiller was born, his parents had to decide on a name for their young son. Tiller's father ,who was also named Tiller Tiller and his mother , named Tillie Tiller thought that the most orderly thing to do is to keep all names the same. (They believed, as the saying goes, "birds of feather flock together. So perhaps they felt that having the same name would promote togetherness.) They, therefore, named their child Tiller T. Tiller. Anyway, it is easier to spell one name, rather than two.

Can you guess what the "T." stands for.
I'll bet you guessed: Tiller!

Did you?


Tiller and Tillie Tiller wanted to keep things orderly and practical. To them orderly meant simple and practical meant useful. At first they thought they wouldn't give their son Tiller a middle name at all, but they knew that all the applications their son would fill out in the future recognized that people had middle names. They did not want their son to feel lacking in any way. So they decided to give a middle "name." HOWEVER, all of those forms only asked for middle initials.

So, can you now guess what "T." stands for?

If you said, "T." you are CORRECT.
Tiller T. Tiller only has a middle initial. The middle initial is his middle name.


Tiller T.Tiller has a younger brother.
Tiller T. Tiller's younger brother is named Tiller T.Tiller , too. (also), for the same organized reasons that Tiller had received his name. When Tiller T. Tiller was growing up at home he had a nickname: His nickname was ONE, for # one son. His younger brother had a nickname too (also): Two , for # two son.

There was never any confusion in the household of Tiller Tiller ,Tillie Tiller, One Tiller and Two Tiller.

( However, outside of the home there was more formality; the teachers at school never called them One and Two, lest they get mixed up with arithmetic examples, causing disorder).

The Tiller family had a long tradition of buying only one style and two color socks-- (black and white, ) only one color shirt (white)-- only one color everything else--. Altogether , they used only two colors: black and white. This made keeping order easier, and eliminated the time-consuming process of sorting. They even came up with some wonderful methods to keep things in order . For example, they would use safety pins to keep like-socks together when doing laundry. HOW ORDERLY! HOW UTTERLY ORGANIZED!

Since Tiller T. Tiller grew up in a very organized ,orderly atmosphere he became very organized and orderly himself. ( By the way, don't count on this always happening. In all relationships ,rebellion should be factored in. In the Tiller family, it was factored out!) As an adult he decided to get his own apartment with a roommate. Who do you suppose that roommate turned out to be? I'll give you a hint: IT'S COMPLETELY IRONIC!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Whatever Sergetio Tertle

Not a very auspicious match there!

Except-- it was always quite easy to figure out which things belonged to Tiller and which things belonged to Whatever.


For example:


Tiller's sock drawer

NOTICE THE LABELING! Tiller never gets confused when taking out socks to wear. Tiller never gets confused putting socks back. "Confusion is the thief of time and is quite disorganized and impractical." (quotation of Tiller T. Tiller)

This is otherwise known as





Whatever's sock drawer
(It is only because of Tiller's influence that Whatever has ANY socks in his sock drawer;not that Whatever usually wear's socks on his four feet --he just has them and will wear them some day--whatever)


Of course, there are some practical aspects to Whatever's drawer .For example, if Whatever gets hungry when putting on his socks, (if he puts on his socks) he can eat the banana. Or, if he happens to cut his finger when putting on his socks, (if he puts on his socks) the banaids are right there. What happens if the phone rings when he is putting on his socks,(if he puts on his socks) and Whatever needs to take a message?

Except...there is no paper in his sock drawer.
No problem! He can write on his socks or whatever!

(I suppose that is Tiller's influence pushing through)



Tiller T. Tiller will never let down
And that's why in clutter, he never will drown.

He'll always be sure as to where something is.
He's a practical mentor, an orderly whizz



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