"I Don't Know Yet!

(Any similarity of any person you know or know of to Whatever Sergetio Tertle is purely coincidental)

"Good morning, WHATEVER, it's just before noon,
There's lots going on, so you'd better rise soon."
"So what are you doing, your plans, are they set?
WHATEVER says yawning, "Don't know 'bout that yet!"

"A quarter past 4, still WHATEVER'S not sure,
Regarding his schedule, his day's in a blurr.
All right, 5 P.M., moving on, now IT'S 10,
He says he'll get going, but doesn't know when.

Good evening WHATEVER, it's 11 O'clock,
Have you plans for today, are you ready to rock?
He says "What's your hurry, I think that you'll find,
I still have an hour to make up my



WHATEVER is named WHATEVER because that is his attitude. WHATEVER is not in much of a hurry to get anywhere, or do anything. He'll get there when he gets there and not one minute sooner.


"Oh well, so will everybody else; I don't know, maybe, I guess, ....whatever!"

WHATEVER does not like to plan far in advance. He realized awhile back that Sunday is a long long way off from Thursday in both directions. In fact, Sunday night is a long way off from Sunday afternoon and even longer when you are talking about different Sundays. One hour is a long way off from an hour later or an hour earlier.

"There'll always be so many things to do," he says, " and even more time to do them. There will be a lot of opportunities to change your mind in between, so why worry..... oh well, whatever!!!

WHATEVER would say:

"It's all a matter of how you look at things. My mother tells me to use my leisure time constructively and productively--yuk! let's see-- like go for a swim; and / or finishing what I've once started, way back, whenever, whatever--such as

correcting grammatical errors in the Declaration of Independence or plastering the 12 " hole over the kitchen sink, or completing the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh's self-portrait, untangling the telephone wire, or greasing the car, installing workable brakes, or replacing the steering wheel which was stolen 3 months ago---

I suppose I could do a few of those things, and if there is still time left, I can call my great-great grandmother and wish her and great-great grandfather , a happy new year. Oh dear! It's April--late again! Whatever!"


EDITORS ASIDE: Please note, in case you are interested, some of the above unfinished items have been on WHATEVER'S "DO NOW LIST" FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS.


"Or , maybe I'll ignore mama altogether and spend all my time doing very little, which is really what I'd greatly prefer at the moment. I have no doubt that I will get to all those tasks sooner or later. Ho hum , whatever!!


WHATEVER'S a person you'll probably know ,
Who walks to a drummer whose tempo is slow.
The lady who lives by her personal clock.
The man who takes hours to walk 'round the block.

WHATEVER'S indifferent whenever he's late,
Which forces companions to stand there and wait.
WHATEVER is fine when existing alone
With no soul to think of, excepting his own.

But that's not the way this old world's made to spin,
It isn't that way and it never has been.
WHATEVER, please note, relaxation's okay,
So long as it doesn't continue ALL DAY



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