The "whatever" personality
The persistent procrastinator


Many of you who are reading this introduction know one or more

One of the most common expressions of this personality is:
"I don't know ." Here are some others:

1. I don't know yet!
2. Maybe!
3. I'll get there when I get there!
4. Whatever !!!!
5. We'll see!
6. Hmmm! I guesssss.
7. Well.....
8. Huh!!!

Most of these people are procrastinators. Some might be a bit lazy. These people focus on the immediate here and now. They could have vague plans which might be completed but only when WHATEVER gets to it.

Which is, of course, WHENEVER!

There are times when WHATEVER will purchase a ticket in advance if he or she wants to attend a concert or other function badly enough. It is also possible, however, that WHATEVER might conclude that a ticket will be available whenever WHATEVER wants it.

For the "whatever" personality, there is NEVER a traffic jam; WHATEVER doesn't seem to understand that you don't know about a traffic jam until it happens; usually, you know that you need to leave early as a consequence of that jam when it is already too late.

For the "whatever" personality the telephone line to call a taxi is NEVER busy. WHATEVER does not seem to understand that you will not know about taxi availability until you call for one, which is usually when you need to have the service immediately. Oftentimes, the line is busy!!!!

WHATEVER never heard about delays in mail service or mass transit delays.

Underneath all of this is difficulty in making commitments.

Underneath the difficulty in making commitments lies insecurity.

While others reconstruct insecurity into compulsive behavior this
character just blots it out with mild indifference, if not complete apathy. A bit of Whatever's ways can be relaxing and healthy, but like every other trait taken to its outer limits, this one ultimately becomes a handicap.

And yet, though the WHATEVERS make up a noticeable portion of the population, the world is still spinning--FANCY THAT!!!

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