Baltimorre Clone .......

Balitmorre Clone is an intellectual, yes--not a particularly wise one; but he is more than that. He is an intellectual snob.

This personality values advanced degrees, and loves acronyms after his /her name. These degrees are valued, not so much for the scholarship and love of learning that they represent ,but rather because of the favorable impression this type of person thinks and expects these achievements will make on others. It is even possible though not probable, that these people will concoct unearned degrees and titles as they go along.

The intellectual snob is the type , for example, to visit the park for a picnic or go to the beach or a pool taking with him or her a book of Shakespearian sonnets with the title very clearly visible on the cover. The book is openly displayed, title up on the blanket for all to see. That is not to say that everyone who carries Shakespearian sonnets to the park or beach is an intellectual snob. The difference is in intent. The true intellectual enjoys reading the sonnets. The snob might enjoy the sonnets as well but also wants to lay it on the blanket for show.

Basically an insecure person, the intellectual snob makes sure everyone knows how smart and learned he/she is, how sophisticated are his/her tastes, how way above everyone else he/she is. This type is an elitest who looks down on others who do not share his or her tastes.Ironically, he/she frequently feels intimidated by and sometimes avoids meeting people who are perceived to be on his or her intellectual level; THAT IS , unless there is an admiring crowd looking on to see with whom the snob is associating.

The intellectual snob enjoys speaking above other people's heads--using language that might not be easily understood by most people,and/or to spout ideas that seem complex. Intellectual snobs abhor being contradicted.

Intellectuals who are not also snobs have no need to play these games.
He or she has enough self-confidence not to care about impressing others.

The intellectual elitist is not the only type of snob. There are others who
are greatly impressed by wealth, without any consideration as to the
character of the person with the fat wallet. There are snobs who are
impressed with social and/or political power without any concern, again, as to the person's character. There are snobs who are thrilled to be acquanited with famous people.The intellectual snob is likewise very impressed with Pulitzer Winners etc.,especially if it were well-known by others about this personal connection.

To a limited ,reasonable degree, having the qualities of a snob is fairly common, and relatively normal. However, the intellectual snob satirized here is not displaying these qualities to a limited , reasonable degree.As in all the other essays, this one is exaggerated--to make the point.

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