The Busybody Personality

BB stands for busybody. Before describing this personality I must caution all psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other guidance personnel to develop a good sense of humor immediately! In any case, the busybody personality does not apply to these professionals, except that Dr. Boneheap has made being a busybody his profession-- a satirical extention, that's all!

This profile is basically about the ordinary gossip--the officious person who butts into other people's business, usually without invitation. This meddler likes to know all the gossip, often feigning concern. The real purpose is not necessarily to be of help, but to hear juicy tidbits. Sometimes the busybody is motivated by the somewhat morbid gratification that comes from knowing that someone else has more problems than he or she has.

The busybody is not generally a malicious person --rather a nosy one with nothing better to do. He or she sometimes pretends to contribute something "positive" to interpersonal encounters but if being a busy body is a prime motivation, the result is not usually helpful.

When one needs assistance with solving problems, it is important to know the difference between a reliable professional counselor, or at least, a sincere friend as opposed to the one who is a gossipy busybody.

The story is a satire of what can happen if you choose the latter.You might end up worse than when you started!

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