The pressure on young people (all people, really) to achieve success is overwhelming. Students are competing for the best schools, and I am not just writing about college here.

The pressure in our secondary schools is especially fierce. Not only are these older teens coping with social pressures, but academic as well. Some of these students who are serious about their higher education are vying for very few places in our most prestigious universities. State Universities are also becoming increasingly competitive.

Students not only have to show academic success but they must
demonstrate a wide variety of out-of-the- classroom experiences.
The result is a frenzied youth who are always, and I
emphasize,ALWAYS on the go. In addition, many of these students face personal and family challenges, and John Tonto is no exception.

In Dzitzel, there are such students. One of them, John Tonto Earp, is especially energetic. If most students have a 24 hour day, John Tonto has an 50 hour day.

John is best described by his high school college advisor in a letter to the Admissions committee of a university to which John is applying.

As with all these essays, this one about Tonto is an exaggeration--but it isn't a Tall Tale either.


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