King Highbrow ?. Horatio represents the shy, timid, subservient
personality. Although shyness is a personality type, timid and
subserivience are associated with insecurity and even fear. The
difficulty these people have in asserting themselves may often
lie in feelings of inadequacy--that they are not worth another person's
ear. This personality type is not gender specific although women
have been more typically meek throughout history.

In the late 20th, and certainly the 21st centuries this character type
could still be found among all genders in all cultures around the globe.
Though it still is a matter of cultural tradition among some ethnic
groups, women's liberation is a current world theme.

Historically, however, this was not the case. In fact, women were in
a King Highbrow ?. personality position, not only by cultural dictates, but by law.

Even in the United States, women's rights was not advocated until the mid-19th century, though some states were more liberal earlier on. In fact,federal recognition of the women's right to vote was not
officially recognized by a Constitutional Amendment until after the First World War.


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