Cinderella is a well-known folktale with many versions. There are versions of the story found in many countries of the world. The most famous version was part of the Charles Perrault, a folktale collector and writer who lived in France in the 17th century. The Grimm Brothers from Germany used a very different story in their Fairy tale collection, which is not recognizable by most people.

The Cinerella story was made popular by the Disney company which made an animated film in
1950. It was based on the Charles Perrault story which was called "Centrillon."





FRANCE:in the folktale collection of Charles Parrault


GERMANY: in the folktale collection of the Grimm Brothers


VIET-NAM: The Story of Tam and Cam,as retold on the Think Quest link

CHINA:Ye Xian (also known as Yen Shen), synopsis on Wikipedia link
IRELAND:Fair, Brown and Trembling, as retold on the Think Quest link