A man by the name of Edward Teach lived in the area of North Carolina in the early l700s.
Some people think his name was really Edward Thatch.

Some other people thinkhis name was Edward Drummond. Edward Teach was a fierce pirate who called himself BLACKBEARD.

The legend says that such a man did live, that he called himself Blackbeard, that he was a
cruel man, that he led a group of pirates who attacked other ships in the Caribbean Sea,
and off the coast of North Carolina, and that he had a ship called "Queen Anne's Revenge."

These are true historical facts.

However, some of the legendary stories about Blackbeard cannot be proven.

There are stories about buried treasures which have never been found.

There are stories about Blackbeard swimming around his ship after he was killed. That part of the legend is fantasy.

There are legends about his ghost wandering around in areas of the Carolinas which many people believe but are probably not true.