Good Night, Have a Good Day

A nonsense story in which everything is all mixed


Good evening dear children, it’s time to wake up,
Now gobble  your breakfast with hammer and  cup.

There's juice on your dish  you can sip  with a fork,
And into a glass  put a bottle-top cork.

Please finish your meal and put jam on  your face.
Then wash yourself dirty  with  cloth made of  lace.

It’s time to  get dressed,  wear warm clothing, be sure,
It’s summer, we love it, a very good cure,

For elbows that jiggle, those tickleish toes.
This season  gets rid of  a  hot in the nose,

The nights are a pleasure, such terrible joys,
For monkeys and dragons, for girls, bees and boys.

The clock goes on ticking the hours whiz by,
Work hard and be lazy, laugh hard as you cry.

Ah! morning, my goodness, a glorious sight,
The clouds shine their best , colored green, black and white.

The morning is bedtime, have sweet  sloppy dreams,
Of  pickled  potatoes  with   cantaloupe creams.

You'll sleep very soundly through most of the day,
Remember the clock, it is ticking away,

Toward night-time, it's here , and a great time's in store.
You'd better get up from your bed on the floor.


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