I always loved Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
These stories inspire the imagination. In
Through the Looking Glass Alice visits the garden of the talking flowers. I decided to start with that scene and elaborate with other Alice creations.


The Mad Hatter has three cups of hot chocolate but only two hands. While carrying or wearing inanimate objects on one's head is not common in certain countires, it is common in others. In fact, carrying something on one's head is rather helpful, and improves one's balance. So having the cup of hot chocolate on top of his hat is NOT strange at all. However, he is wearing a mitten on his left foot, and though not clearly seen in this photo, there is an ear muff on his right foot. Now why is the Mad Hatter wearing these articles on his feet? Simple--he has cold feet!

The flowers have personality! Can you find the flower eating a banana?
Click the picture if you can't find it.



This flower fellow is eating an ice cream cone. Click the picture if you
can't find it.

In Lewis Caroll's story, Alice in Wonderland, the white rabbit is a rather nervous fellow. I always loved this big bunny. He actually became a character living in my Dzitzel Stories. Click


You can tell the size of the figures in the exhibit by looking at the glasses in front.