Political Satire

The Hoedown lyrics, written to a traditional  American folk song,  Turkey in the Straw,  is political satire. Satire, political and social is intended to bring some humor into situations which are not usually humorous, and often quite stressful. Humor is a good way dealing with some  types of stress. That is my intent in writing and posting these lyrics.

Satire has been part of most cultures since ancient times. It is a sort of comic relief—humor as relief from daily stress. Political satire is a very common form. Subtle political satire has  also been  used  to advance political arguments especially where  criticism is forbidden.   While some people might find political satire, or any satire, offensive, most people tend to enjoy it if it is done without vulgarity.

Square Dancing

Square dancing (also called hoedown) is a traditional folk dance which was described in Europe as early as the 1600’s.  It is associated with the United States because it has been developed in America. Several states have declared the square dance  the official dance of the state.

Square dancing requires 8 people in couples of two. They stand in a square facing each other.  A caller, who does not participate in the dance, instructs, or calls the steps/dance movements  which the dancers follow. These movements have names…


Some of the basic steps are:  bow to your partner, bow to your neighbor, do si do (dosado), allemande left/right, grand right and left, promenade left/right, skip to the middle and back.