Children love animals. In the early grades, they enjoy hearing
stories with animal sounds.

Alarm Clock Goose has loads of animal sounds.

The story is about a boy named John Edward Bruce.
His pet is a goose named Jill.

You might say, "nothing strange about that."

Well, it wouldn't be so strange if John Edward Bruce lived on
a farm.

However, he lives in an apartment building in a town
called Gully-Tow- Range.

This story was presented to children as
a felt board story.

John Edward Bruce was not the only one in
the building to have a strange apartment pet.

In the apartment right above John's the
family owned a pet moose.
In the apartment next to John, the family
kept a thoroughbred horse.

There was a seal, a lion, a pig, a baboon, a cow,
some chickens, 5 roosters, and an owl.

A donkey, three sheep, some ducks were also
apartment pets in Gully-Tow-Range.

There were some animals which were not strange
for apartments too--such as cats and dogs.

Well-- you can imagine the sounds in that building,

"with the cackling and barking,
and snoring and roaring,
heehawing, and neighing,
and huffing and puffing,
and honking and baaing,
meowing and quackling,
the this-ings and that-ings
the whooos and the mooos."

The people in Gully-Tow-Range never minded the sounds,
especially since the animals did not all make noise at once.

But things were to change when John Edward Bruce's pet goose swallowed
a small alarm clock. The alarm switch was turned on, and the clock
was set for 3:10 in the morning.

When the alarm went off, the noise was loud. It woke up all the
animals who started making their animals sounds at the same time.

"The dog started barking, the lion was roaring,
The rooster was crowing, the noise level soaring.
The ducks were all quacking, the chickens 'a cackling,
The donkey was yelping, which hardly was helping.
Such mooing and hooting, and grunting and tooting,
and rooting and snooting, and who-ing and zooting."


The story has a happy ending though.
John Edward Bruce's brother ran for the town
vet who did some goose surgery.
The clock was removed and shut off.


Eventually, John's parents locked the clock away in a drawer so that
Jill, the goose, could never swallow it again.



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