Hi children,

Do you like rhyming stories?

I love them.

That is why I write them.

Some of my rhyming stories have all rhyme.
Some of the stories are part rhyme and part prose.



These stories are written ALL in rhyme

Oh Riddle! Oh Rattle!, We're Done!

A color- number story for pre-school children



A story about tattling


The Little Red Hen

Retelling of an old English Folkt ale

Alarm Clock Goose

Alarm Clock Goose story

A nonsense story with animal sounds

Monsters Visit the Valley

A story about accepting differences in people

The Messiest House in the World

A homophone story

One Hill is Enough

A story about making decisions and being
satisfied with what you have

One Hill is Enoug

Mable Francis Fungus

A dream fantasy about a little girl and her loving grandmother

Timmy Tumble Triddlesby

A fantasy story about a boy, a cow and a toad has a surprise ending.

Long Bearded Bill

One should not jump to conclusions about people.


Bungle Maurice, Don't Call the Police!

A story which helps children learn to rely on themselves when they can,
and ask for help when they need it.



These stories are part rhyme, part prose

Old Man Oak (originally called "My Best Friend,Me")

A story about a sense of self

My House Is Crowded Wall to Wall

An East European Jewish Folktale retold

Apples in the Shopping Cart

A story about nutritian



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